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Stuttering profoundly interferes with communication. It is embarrassing at the least and interferes with communication with other people. It may cause problems with work performance, income, and living a reasonably comfortable and pleasant life. People who suffer with this condition often become fearful of using certain words, avoiding circumstances where recall indicates certain vocal responses. It can be embarrassing for most patients with the problem.

Using technical terms, stuttering is basically a dysfunction of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. The brain decides what words you wish to use in a sentence. Your speaking apparatus is perhaps a millisecond late in producing the sound and elongates the time for the word(s) to be pronounced. Air flows through the vocal cords, producing sound. When these vocal cords stop vibrating, sound is no longer produced, requiring a repetitive attempt, e.g., words such as “balloon.” The person who stutters may say buh-buh-balloon. It is clearly a nervous system dysfunction. Accordingly, the recommendations of spinal adjustments is foremost in the treatment protocol. Problems properly using the mineral copper can be an associated problem. This chapter contains what Dr. Risley has found to be helpful.

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