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The technical name for “shingles” is herpes zoster. The lesions can also occur over the patient’s skull, towards one eye, on the surface of the neck, the back and rib cage, or at various spinal levels. The condition may be extremely debilitating due to severe pain. Those that get shingles have had chickenpox at some time in their life, since the virus that causes chicken pox (varicella zoster) stays in the body and reappears when the patient’s immune system is compromised. This typically occurs in later years of life, but not always. When the virus becomes active it affects the nerves as they exit the spinal column. This results in a rash that travels along the nerve path, causing a blistering of the skin. The result can be severe pain. When it affects the face or head, vision or hearing loss may be a harmful result. The condition may start with a fever, headache and general indications of fatigue (malaise) not unlike an impending flu-like infection. A rash commonly appears, and develops into blisters at a later date.

Curing shingles has been elusive, but pain relief where possible is extremely gratifying. It is interesting to note that Doctors Levy, Klenner and others report the pain in shingles disappearing within hours to several days, with large amounts of Vitamin C. The most effective type of Vitamin C is ascorbic acid that is given intravenously. Oral Vitamin C in large quantities can also be quite effective. See Vitamin C comments in this chapter. Best advice if you are afflicted with this condition is to quickly seek out a medical physician that uses IV Vitamin C. The longer the condition has been a factor in your health, the more difficult it is to correct. Check with a holistic oriented physician if the condition appears. A consideration ... Many physicians have suggested an epidural spinal block, like those given to pregnant women during delivery of a child. There are reports of significant and fast relief with shingles when this is performed early in the symptom onset. Such a procedure must be done by a licensed medical physician, preferably an anesthesiologist. Your chiropractic physician can recommend a specific physician if you inquire. To prevent any reoccurrences, follow the program outlined in this chapter to rebuild your system health to normal. Ongoing care for chronic shingles is often effective and prevention of the condition is even easier, with a few simple procedures.

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