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Psoriasis is not contagious but may affect the person’s self image and may become a constant source of concern, especially if the psoriatic areas are visible. Medications and creams may be helpful but rarely curative. Plus they may have unpleasant side effects such as internal absorption of prescribed steroids, which may damage internal organs. These creams and topical medications may also cause skin damage, redness, bruising, pigmentation and dilated blood vessels that are close to the skin surface. Stopping steroid creams sometimes causes a flare up of the condition. These creams can cause eye damage such as cataracts and glaucoma if some of the cream gets into the eyes. Some psoriasis medications even warn against possible death as a side effect.

To understand the best curative procedures for psoriasis, it is helpful to look at the skin surface of the human body as a major organ of elimination, along with the bowels and kidneys. Best results in healing this problem will come from enhancing the elimination of toxins from the system. This will preclude using the skin for elimination and will aid restoration of a weakened colon and helping reduce any “leaky gut syndrome.” In a leaky gut syndrome, toxins from the colon are allowed to penetrate the lining of the colon (aka “leaky gut”) causing small openings between the cells. This results in a toxic or poisonous reaction throughout the system. Much of this recommended therapy for psoriasis centers around healing the colon, and detoxifying the entire system. This leaky gut ailment has likely been caused by antibiotics, toxins, poor diet, parasites, or some type of infection. Evidence also suggests that psoriasis is the result of an excessive accumulation of the mineral copper in the body. Excess or non-usable copper may be eliminated through the skin surface and the resulting irritation causes the red, inflamed patches of skin. Most psoriasis patients exhibit a deficiency of the mineral zinc, which again results in an excessive amount of copper. Detoxifying the system also means modifying the diet, and eliminating certain foods that add a toxic substance to the colon. Follow the dietary recommendations that are made in this chapter.

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