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Peripheral Artery Disease - PAD

Peripheral arterial disease refers to narrowed arteries located in the extremities (arms, legs, and feet) or on the periphery of the body. The condition is often abbreviated as P.A.D., an abbreviation for Peripheral Arterial Disease. A major problem with this arterial occlusive disease is a symptom termed “intermittent claudication.” This condition describes a person that is afflicted with artery disease, wherein cholesterol plaques or calcium deposits have reduced the arterial blood flow. Exercise, such as minimal walking, may cause a painful cramp one or both legs. Some patients are able to say that each time they walk steps, their legs will cramp. It is very predictable.

If your medical physician tells you that you have circulation problems to your arms or legs, consider the treatment program in this chapter. Having the problem in your legs or other areas outside of your heart or neck and brain does not mean that these areas are currently involved. If you do not stop the process of arterial deterioration however, it may yet involve other areas. You are well advised to correct the underlying causes rather than the temporary fix offered by surgery, barring a life threatening emergency. Prevention of further deterioration, after surgery, is very important as well.

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