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The president of a prestigious medical school warns “Osteoporosis is not due to a lack of calcium.” He goes on to say that osteoporosis is a pathological loss of calcium from the bone. This is, in fact, the case. Modern medicine does not know why you may lose this calcium. Dr. Risley's chapter on osteoporosis may give some answers. Studies have shown that in some countries, the citizens get 1/3 the amount of calcium in their food compared to the United States. Yet there is little, if any, osteoporosis among their citizens. Why is it that you are told to increase your calcium intake to prevent osteoporosis? Evidence suggests that most of us already have lots of calcium in our bodies, so why add more?

Women that have problems with their menstrual cycles when young, women that have passed into menopause, or women that have had a condition called anorexia nervosa, are strong candidates for developing osteoporosis. (See the chapter on Anorexia). The common problem with each of these conditions is high levels of non-usable copper in their systems. In order to use the hormone estrogen, you must have copper that you can use as well. Ask women if they crave chocolate before their monthly menstrual periods and they most likely all will say that they do. There is a lot of copper in chocolate and since women must have copper to use estrogen, they naturally crave chocolate. Nuts and avocados are high on the list of foods that are craved for copper content as well. However, no matter how much copper that you eat, if you are unable to properly use the mineral, it is of no value in your system. In addition, copper is absolutely required to be able to use calcium! If you can’t use food-supplied calcium properly, as a result of not enough usable copper, your body will borrow calcium from the bone. The bone eventually uses too much without replacement and osteoporosis results!

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