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Multiple Sclerosis - Parkinson's - ALS

The Multiple Sclerosis Society estimates that over 400,000 cases of MS are found in the United States with 200 more being newly diagnosed, each week. Multiple sclerosis or M.S., is described as a disease wherein the myelin sheaths that cover the brain and nerves are destroyed. Think of a myelin sheath as insulation around your nerves and brain much like the insulation around the electrical wires in your home. If the electrical insulation is destroyed a short circuit can occur, resulting in a failure of the electrical instrument at the end of the wires. Multiple sclerosis is the most common disease entity that occurs with this “de-myelinization” among other diagnosed ailments.

Drug treatment may slow the disease progression but it is unlikely ever to resolve the ailment. Alternative healing involves whole body care and most of the recommended procedures in this chapter can be strongly reparative to many sufferers. Dr. Risley's clinical experience has demonstrated significant improvement and slowing of disease progression with spinal adjustments alone. The further alternative recommendations included in the chapter are seldom if ever recommended by establishment medicine. In fact, if your regular doctor, M.D., advises you NOT to seek other forms of treatment, such as spinal adjustments, vitamins, Castor Oil Packs, etc., thank him politely, and continue with the recommendations in this chapter. The chances of your recovery with current medical care are slim to none and the progression of many cases of M.S. can be devastating! The important concern in all cases is that something has caused the injury of the insulating myelin sheath. Mercury can cause such an condition. Lead, cadmium, copper and manganese poisoning can do likewise. A hair mineral analysis can help identify these toxicities. It is important to note that simple pesticide usage, household chemicals and other noxious substances can also be at least somewhat responsible for the disease.

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