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Considered a "modern ailment," functional hypoglycemia or low blood sugar, is a very common condition in this country today. Your medical physician usually does not consider low blood sugar unless you are a diabetic and have taken too much insulin. A better description of the ailment is “functional” low blood sugar as compared to what is called an insulin-induced low blood sugar. Never-the-less, those that suffer with the ailment are well aware of its existence in their lives. Those suffering with this condition find that going without eating at regular mealtimes plays havoc with their wellbeing. Doing so may result in headaches, fatigue, irritability, heart palpitations, mental confusion and many other symptoms. Eating something at the time of these symptom flare-ups will usually relieve the symptoms.Eating something excessively sweet, drinking wine or lots of caffeinated coffee or tea, may also manifest low blood sugar occurrences.

Your brain must have sugar to survive on. But most sugars in food today are incomplete and refined. As a result your blood sugar maintenance mechanism in the body is confused. Even fruit of some types as listed in the chapter, along with fruit juices (concentrated sugar) can cause this confusing symptom picture. Sometimes significant exercise may also cause the symptoms due to excessive use of sugar in your system needed for “fueling the body.” Much of the cause of this condition is due to an excess of sugars used in processed foods and the typical American diet. Diabetes (high blood sugar) is a common result of not correcting the initial “low blood sugar” condition. This chapter contains key suggestions to address low blood sugar.

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