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Evidence suggests that over half of the population of this country will have one or more hemorrhoids by the age of 50. Hemorrhoids are painful, swollen veins, not arteries, in the lower portion of the rectum and the anal opening. These bulging, distressing and tender hemorrhoids may be internal (not visible) or external (seen bulging down from the anus). Sometimes they appear bluish in color and may also appear as a cluster. Anything that blocks or slows the free flow of that blood toward the heart may cause these veins to swell up to many times their normal size. Hemorrhoids may itch, bleed and be very painful. When they bleed, the blood is usually a bright red. That bright color suggests a problem at the lower end of the colon, versus some ailment farther up in the intestines. Causes of hemorrhoids include constipation, a diet low in fiber, hard dry bowel movements and excessive straining with difficult bowel movements. Pregnancy and pressure from carrying the child may be a factor.

There is some evidence that the secretions from the gallbladder sometimes irritate the colon, resulting in hemorrhoid development. Chiropractic physicians know also that irritation to spinal nerves are a major cause of many cases of hemorrhoids. Accordingly, spinal adjustments have been known to quickly relieve the discomfort and occasionally result in the veins being brought back into their normal position. Most medical approaches involve surgery along with certain medications that are administered locally. Many of these creams/ointments contain mercury and use of these creams and salves are potentially hazardous. Once again, the whole body approach would seem to be a better way, versus a surgical procedure. In hemorrhoids, as in most ailments, the entire body is often involved. So, rather than just concentrate on that area of your body, you must enhance all bodily functions by following the protocol in this chapter.

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