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Migraine Headaches

A typical migraine headache may often last as much as 72 hours, and the aftermath - perhaps a day or two - is also debilitating. It can be marked with fatigue, depression, irritability, sleepiness, as well as salt and sugar cravings. Craving salt and sugar is an important clue, since migraines can easily be triggered with low blood sugar attacks, and adrenal gland stresses. (See Hypoglycemia chapter.) Most of the migraine victims are women, many have a preceding “aura” prior to the onset of debilitating pain. This early warning sign itself is very distressing. The sufferer then anticipates the oncoming deluge of sickening head pain and nausea. It is often called a “sick headache.” The aura consists of light flashes or jagged and often colored “designs” in their visual field, usually on one side of their head. When the ordeal is over, the common result is a feeling that they have a “hangover” and still require time to return to normal activities.

There are likely to be many different causes of this condition and there are certainly many different “triggering mechanisms” that bring on the attack of a migraine headache. Allergic reactions to dietary indiscretions are well known to bring on such a headache. Emotional and stressful episodes may do likewise. Fatigue, physical injuries and certainly pre-menstrual hormone fluctuations in women are well-established migraine triggers. Women outnumber men in having migraine headaches by about 4 to 1. Dr. Risley has correlated a failure of properly using the mineral copper with this condition and since copper is necessary for the use of the female hormone estrogen, it is not surprising that women outnumber men with this condition. In fact, clinical experience suggests that the vast majority of migraine sufferers do indeed have problems of a toxic level of copper in their bodies. Relieving this chemical burden on the patient has proven to relieve a large number of long-term headache sufferers. Correcting this commonly found, copper burden, will be one of two major thrusts of the treatment recommendations in this chapter.

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