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Flu - Influenza - Common Cold

The “flu” and “influenza” are two different ailments. However, when in certain seasons, the patient is lying in bed with a fever, headache, chills and sweats, muscular aches, neck and back pain, fatigue, a “stuffy” nose, wishing perhaps they would die and get it over with, the official diagnosis is of little concern. It is indeed a rough period of time and people have died from its complications (e.g., when it becomes pneumonia). The flu generally is seasonal, occurring in the fall and winter, coincidentally when sunlight exposure is reduced, and thus vitamin D exposure and utilization is reduced. Accordingly, vitamin D intake is therefore a major recommendation for its prevention.

Pneumonia may develop when a person with a weakened immune system contracts the flu and the infection spreads into the lungs. They may begin coughing up much mucous, dark yellow or green in color, and all of the flu symptoms tend to worsen. Antibiotics are usually helpful in pneumonia when it is a bacterial infection, versus a viral infection. There is a significant problem in bacterial resistance to the use of antibiotics over the last 60 years. There are better ways to enhance the immune system and to do those treatments of a natural variety, versus enhancing more bacteria becoming immune to antibiotics. At onset of the flu, a major problem for most people is that they become bedfast and don't feel like they can do the work to get well. Rest, increasing fluid intake, monitoring / controlling high temperatures and the recommendations in this chapter are effective.

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