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Epilepsy is described as abnormal, electrical, discharge of the nerve cells (neurons) in the brain. The patient may lose consciousness. They generally react with twitches and muscle spasms. Muscle stiffening may occur followed by muscle contractions, perhaps a blank stare, purposeless actions and movements, tightening of the jaw and biting of the tongue. They may be urinary or bowel incontinent or even have spontaneous sexual orgasm. These jerking and twitching movements may continue for a few seconds or several minutes or more. Breathing may be abnormal. When muscle movements occur with a seizure, it is generally called a “grand mal“ seizure. Sometimes the patient may simply appear to be unconscious with their eyes open, seemingly not aware of what is happening, and these are called “absence seizures.” A “petit mal” seizure parallels a grand mal seizure, and generally is less intense and accompanied by “absence seizure” symptoms.

What ever the description, the causes are usually similar and may range from spinal nerve pressures (most common), brain injury, tumors, or certain triggering mechanisms ranging from sugar or alcohol intake to bright light exposure. Drugs that effectively suppress the electrical activity of the nervous system are the general medical approach. Such treatment usually reduces the number and severity of the seizures. Unfortunately, it also may cause side-effect injury to the brain or nervous system of the patient. It seldom, if ever, effects a cure. A lifetime of taking the drugs is the rule. Significant improvement of the condition and total correction have occurred, with this alternative approach. Time and diligent co-operation are major keys in treatment. If your regular medical physician tells you not to seek this kind of care, thank him politely, but do so anyway.

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