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Vertigo / Meniere's Syndrome

Vertigo is considered a type of dizziness, usually added if the patient feels that the room is spinning around him or her. The term syncope is often used as a type of dizziness that suggests the patient feels as though they will pass out. The patient may also have vision disturbances, in-coordination of his/her movements, and feel as though he/she may vomit. There may be serious causes of prolonged occurrences of these symptoms, ranging from injury to the skull, heart problems and even strokes. Dietary problems such as Low Blood Sugar (See the Hypoglycemia chapter) may cause dizziness or vertigo symptoms, since the brain ceases to function well, when the blood sugar gets too low. Consider also, any medications that you may be taking as possible causes of dizziness.

Problems with the inner ear are frequently thought to be the cause of prolonged episodes of dizziness. Clinical experience suggests that irritated nerves due to spinal problems easily diagnosed by a chiropractic doctor, are the main causes of these inner ear difficulties. Meniere’s disease is a condition causing the same symptoms and this condition is classically related to the inner ear. This condition also responds well to spinal adjustments, since restoring the nerve control to the inner ear enhances it’s function markedly. Meniere’s disease may also result in hearing loss and a ringing sensation in the ear called “tinnitus.” Meniere’s is usually described with the following symptoms or some variation: (1) Periodic occurrences of “vertigo or dizziness.” The patient may feel like the room is spinning. (2) Episodes of hearing loss that gradually worsen with the passage of time (3) Ringing or buzzing in the ears, called “tinnitus” or (4) Pressure or fullness in the ears.

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