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Evidence suggests that there are at least 17 million American citizens with known diabetes mellitus (high blood sugar). Further, another 7 or 8 million likely have the ailment and do not know it. It is further estimated that 41 million people will develop the condition in time due to undue dietary errors. The ailment is usually simply referred to as diabetes, and is further separated into Type 1 diabetes (insulin dependent) and Type 2, (non-insulin dependent). If you ask any diabetic patient in this country what the cause of their diabetes condition is, they will tell you “my pancreas does not produce any insulin.” Most of our citizens feel the same way. But, as in all health problems, it is not as simple as that.

The important point to be made with the minerals associated with diabetes (copper, chromium, magnesium, zinc, etc.) is that taking insulin to relieve the problem we know as diabetes, is inappropriate for a total cure of the disease. Please understand however, that insulin, when given to a new and severely ailing diabetic, can be a life saving treatment. But it is really a band-aid type of treatment. Unless all of the contributing factors are corrected, including spinal nerve impairment, the patient is not going to get well. Most medical physicians recognize that insulin only provides relief of the ailment and does not cure the condition. It can be controlled, but the condition lasts a lifetime under insulin treatment and standard medical intervention. It has been said that insulin allows reasonable comfort from the symptoms of diabetes, but the condition continues to worsen with the passage of time. There are a number of steps to take that are helpful in treating diabetes mellitus. The object is to correct the problem, not just cover it up with insulin-only.

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