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If you experience depression, you probably do not need to have someone tell you what it is, or what it is like. You are certainly not alone, since an estimated 15 million of our citizens have depression to the degree that they seek help. Drugs may be of great value for temporary help, through the “rough spots” in your life, along with supporting psychotherapy. Depression can be mild and temporary, severe and temporary, or ongoing and disabling. Unfortunately, anti-depressants have side-effects, and do not cure the problem; they only offer temporary relief. Eventually stopping these drugs can be extremely difficult.

Much of medicine today relies on treatment of depression by addressing certain neuro-transmitters (e.g., serotonin, dopamine, and nor-epinephrine). Neuro-transmitters are small chemical molecules or hormones that work at the ends of nerves in the body. Science has found that if you have a lot of certain chemicals at the end of each of the nerves in the brain, you will have a lot more positive outlook on life. Those are the original “feel good” chemicals. Certain drugs such as SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors), prevent the body from “vacuuming up” those chemicals after the nerve is used, and the “feel good sensation” hangs on for a longer period of time. Drugs like MAO inhibitors (monoamine oxidase inhibitors) do similar things by inhibiting the re-uptake or “vacuuming up” of these feel-good neuro-transmitters. Unfortunately, MAO inhibitors fail to stop the build-up of certain products that may cause high blood pressure, stroke and heart attacks, not to mention many other side-effects. The key to solving a depression problem, in most cases, is helping the body continue to keep these helpful neuro-transmitters around for longer periods. Temporary relief with drugs may be good relief for sure, but you need to look further and solve the underlying causes of the problem. These suggestions in this chapter have been shown to help many people.

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