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Cellulite is a common condition that becomes more common with the passage of time, aging of the population, continually deteriorating diet and health and the birth control pill, among other causes. The condition rarely occurs in men, except those that have received estrogen therapy or those with sexual glands that have failed to develop normally. Cellulite has been defined as a small pocket of fat that becomes “encapsulated” by a small amount of hardened calcium. This pocket of fat is easily covered by normal skin and can be invisible compared to the cottage cheese like appearance of superficial cellulite. Calcium that has hardened in these areas, will not allow the skin to expand and smooth out, and this causes a puckering effect that has been labeled “cottage-cheese-like,” as aforementioned, or “orange peels,” as well as other descriptive terms.

Some physicians who see cellulite throw up their hands in helplessness. They do not realize that calcium must have usable amounts of the mineral copper to stay in a soluble and usable form. Science knows that any substance that raises female estrogen in the body, like birth control pills, also raises the mineral copper. Failing to maintain copper in a usable form causes calcium salt formation (non-soluble and hardened) that may result in cellulite. Usable copper enhances use of calcium. But before copper can be successfully worked with in the body, it must be combined with a protein molecule which is used as a carrier (see copper comments in the chapter). This combining action must be directed by the adrenal glands.

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