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A child is diagnosed with autism every 20 minutes in the United States. One in every 150 children has autism in the United States. One in every 94 boys has autism in the United States.
One in every 60 boys in New Jersey has autism. Children are noted to have undeveloped immune systems through about 5 years of age, and are thus less able to combat an invasion by mercury, aluminum and other chemicals commonly found in vaccines. Despite government pronouncements, the dietary intake of vitamins and minerals - vitamin C in particular - is woefully inadequate to maintain health in this country. Vitamin C and other nutrients can materially aid the child that is inoculated, and protect the childhood appearance of an autism ailment.

Autism has been conclusively shown to parallel mercury poisoning in a remarkable manner, and this is clearly a critical finding, further tending to indict vaccines with the preservative called thimerosal. Mercury is considered the second or third most poisonous substance known to man. Evidence exists that the mercury injected into a child by way of inoculation, can be 100 times more than is considered safe by the EPA - Environmental Protection Agency. Swallowing the substance is dangerous enough, but injecting the substance into the human body is many times more hazardous, by any authority. Dr. Risley has seen hair mineral tests on identical twins, and similar levels of minerals in the two children, yet only one is afflicted by autism. That is one reason that every child receiving vaccinations does not come down with the ailment.

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