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According to WebMd, 2007, there are 17 million asthmatics in this country. Other authorities suggest 10 million is closer to the actual number. By any estimate, a significant amount of individuals experience this condition. The primary problem in asthma is an inflammation, narrowing and “constriction” of the airways that enable us to breathe. Unfortunately, the narrowing may be greater than needed, and these narrowed airways (called “bronchioles”) are then unable to transport enough air/oxygen. Any attempts at breathing and the patient feels as though they may pass out or die. Mucous buildup often occurs to trap the pollen, dust or other irritants (“allergens”) and those all important bronchial tubes are narrowed even further. (See Allergies in the full eBook)


COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) is a progressive long-term, breathing disorder. The small “sacs” at the end of the bronchiole tubes, called “alveoli,” become hardened or non-elastic. When they cannot expand sufficiently, it becomes difficult to absorb and utilize the air/oxygen breathed into the lungs. Smoking, or being exposed to smoke in the environment, is the primary cause. Most cases of the disease occur in smokers. Emphysema is essentially a type of COPD.

There are two effective inhalants that materially help the asthmatic. The first is called Breathe Deeply. It is commonly referred to as a “cold inhalant." Breathe Deeply is breathed in slowly through one nostril at a time or used in boiling water. About ten minutes is appropriate for the steam inhalant several times a day if desired, and the cold inhalant can be used as long or as often as desired. The second product is Glycothymoline. Place 2-4 drops (no more) in a glass of water and drink the water two times per day. Stop after two weeks. This alkalizes the system, and reduces the chance for an attack.

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