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The most realistic consideration in a case of acne (a.k.a. "zits") is to think of your skin as a major part of the elimination mechanism of the body, because it actually is. The bowels and kidneys are most commonly associated with the elimination of unwanted materials from the body. Even the lungs expel gases that are unused or unneeded by your body. What many people don't realize is that skin is another means by which your body gets rid of undesirable material. The starting point is to eliminate consumption of items that cause acne (we call it "garbage") so your skin won't have to work so hard to get rid of them. It will be less likely to be clogged up with an excess of unwanted “stuff,” and therefore, is less likely to break out in acne.

Our fast-food society has seriously compromised the health of our bodies due to lack of vitamins of minerals in the “fast food.” Fast-paced lifestyles contribute to excesses of unhealthy processed food intake. Creams, lotions and medications may offer some relief, but seldom offer a permanent solution. In addition, such treatment is often complicated by side-effects. The bottom line is that medication rarely offers anything more than temporary relief.

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