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Attention Deficit Disorder-Hyperactivity, affects perhaps 4% to 6% of the population, affecting both adults and children. The condition is often considered a childhood problem, but evidence suggests that the condition persists into adulthood.

A study reported in The International Journal of Biosocial Research, 1986, by S. Schoenthaler, studied 800,000 children who earlier had sugar, additives and preservatives removed from food sources at their school. That simple change removed New York City schools from below national average to above national average in overall school performance.

Excessive salt consumption in potato chips and other snack foods, places an excessive amount of sodium in the child’s dietary intake. Sodium displaces magnesium, and magnesium is an impressive sedating mineral. A deficiency in this magnesium causes excessive activity in the typical ADD-H child. There is more magnesium in the bloodstream of a hibernating bear than at any other time, thus attesting to the relaxing or calming attributes of this mineral.

ADD-H sufferers commonly are afflicted with the condition known as “functional hypoglycemia” or “Functional Low Blood Sugar.” If the patient has some or all of these symptoms below, he/she should be especially strict in following a diet designed to correct the problem. Hypoglycemia, or “low blood sugar,” is a very common condition in this country today. Your medical physician usually does not consider low blood sugar, unless you are a diabetic and have taken too much insulin. A better description of the ailment is “functional” low blood sugar as compared to what is called an insulin-induced, low blood sugar. Never-the-less, those of us that suffer with the ailment, are well aware of its existence in our lives.

The books by Doris Rapp, M.D. can also shed some insight on ADD-H. This chapter contains recommendation for Valerian Root, St. John’s Wort or Passion Flower Fusion as helpful for those with ADD-H.

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